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Saturday, October 22, 2016

ST. MICHAELS GATE EVICTIONS "Households who are unable to secure alternative accommodation without support can contact our housing needs team on 01733 864064" PCC

Important telephone number for St Michael tenants soon to be made homeless (in part due to the casting vote of Cllr: Steve Allen, the PCC Committee Chair) is released.  01733 864064

Adrian Chapman, service director for adults and communities for Peterborough City Council, said: "Like many cities across the UK, Peterborough currently has a severe shortage of properties available for temporary accommodation and an increasing number of people needing housing support.

"We sincerely regret that the current tenants of these properties will have to find somewhere else to live, but that is entirely a decision for the new owners and will happen whether or not we use the homes.

That said, we will of course be supporting these residents if they require help finding alternative accommodation.

"If we didn't make use of these properties, Stef and Philips Limited would rent them out to another organisation, most likely another council. It would be foolish of the council to take this approach as the current tenants would still face eviction, It would not help address our need for additional housing and could result in the council being responsible for meeting the needs of residents from outside Peterborough placed in St Michael's Gate.

"Households who are unable to secure alternative accommodation without support can contact our housing needs team on 01733 864064"
 E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581



         Picture: Manchester Evening News

PARENTS: We've had a couple of calls (October 21st!!!) over fireworks being let off on the Green Wheel footpath and in the street, by children as young as 10 years old.. 

As the build up to November 5th continues and to celebrate some religious festivals, we expect some noises off, hopefully some organised displays and safety rules observed. However should something go wrong, particularly on the Green Wheel, then no one is around to assist.

This is the latest from Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue. Please copy it onto your childs phone, better still print out several copies, for local notice boards!.


Fireworks and bonfires can be plenty of fun for all the family to enjoy. The fire service highly recommends going to an organised firework display instead of holding one at home. However, if you do use fireworks or light a bonfire at home, residents are urged to take on board this safety advice to ensure it's only their fireworks that go off with a bang:
  • Keep fireworks in a closed box and always follow the instructions.
  • Light them at arms length using a taper and stand well back.
  • Never go back to a lit firework.
  • Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them.
  • Don't light bonfires in unsuitable weather, particularly in windy conditions.
  • Don't leave bonfires unattended.
  • Build bonfires well clear of buildings, fences and hedges.
  • Never use flammable liquids to start the fire, and never burn dangerous rubbish such as aerosols, paint, foam furniture, rubber tyres, and batteries.
  • Before you light the bonfire, check that children and animals especially hedgehogs,  are not hiding inside and are a safe distance away.
For more information on firework and bonfire safety log on to, follow the fire and rescue service on social media or call 01480 444500. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Friday, October 21, 2016

'Computer whizz' possibly heading for Northern Ireland Court .....

Our lips are sealed....
They say what goes around comes around. Talking to our Northern Ireland colleagues this morning, we have it on very good authority, that someone who had been 'grandstanding' in our region and holds out to be a bit of an 'all bells and whistles' computer whizz;  that person suffered a major court setback earlier this year, when his private legal action before Peterborough magistrates, no less, was unceremoniously taken over by the Crown Prosecution Service and discontinued. The defendants costs fully paid out of central funds.
Our information is that, allegedly, the 'computer whizz' is about to find himself propping up the dock!  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

HIGH NOON AT PETERBOROUGH TOWN HALL Play the Video before it melts....Peterborough City Councillors bitchslap

                                           Classic porkies.....

And this is how it played out on BBC CAMBRIDGESHIRE Feel free to pass it on to Number 10 Mrs May really needs to know what Stewart Jackson MP (the PPS for the Brexit Dept.) is involved in these days, and the stylish company he keeps ....

Good to see democracy in action or is that inaction? Conservatives vote to make rent paying tenants homeless, so homeless can be housed....and many of the rent paying tenants out on the streets = just before Christmas in deal done with agents of allegedly 'spivvy' north London property outfit.

CLLR. DARREN FOWER (Ind.) writes: "Not sure why Tory councillor [and at one time Royal Bank of Scotland employee] Cllr.David Seaton is so upset with us!? He's the one who called me a depressive c@&t and a prat (luckily I have witnesses) after the meeting, calling on the Peterborough City Council to relook at the #StMichaelsGateSaga - sadly the Tories voted against resident calls not to make them homeless!

HIGH NOON AT PETERBOROUGH TOWN HALL Play the Video below before it melts....

In case its not clear, the public funding being thrown at this scheme is one million ponds ----err £1,000,000  that is every 12 months..... cushty.

 E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Local MP set to block 'Garden Village' sites to keep Castor and Ailworth residents happy...

Conservative MP Shailesh Vara has come out against three potential garden village sites on land to the north of the A47 at Castor and Ailsworth.  The land owned by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has been on Peterborough City Councils development radar for decades, in the days when the council was not looking at a massive debt balance but still able to boost councillors allowances.. Previous plans were shelved in favour of the Hampton developments.

Despite several service slashing budget cutbacks, the council now claims the relevant sites are now being reconsidered with Peterborough City Council recommending them for development in its Local Plan to 2036.  There is of course no guarantee that when the time comes, the plans may be actioned or simply shelved again.

Mr Vara says It is believed that the HCA proposes to build three separate garden villages on the sites providing much needed housing stock of some 2500 homes; a significant proportion of the 3600 new homes required by the Council in this Local Plan.

The HCA would also retain further land to the west towards Upton which would be developed at a later date. In the finish there could be some 5000 new and much needed homes in the area by the end of the development.

Sadly the impossible pipe dream of a City university occupying part of the site and possibly a new country park separating the villages of Castor and Ailsworth from the proposed development.

Shaleish Vara along with local landowners, parish councils and residents is strongly opposing the proposals which some parties think will have a negative impact on the countryside and will set a precedent for significant further housing development to the west of Peterborough. However due to decades of undersupply, and the dire and very urgent need for new housing stock, clearly should be the priority, rather than hark back to a previous era when populations were manageable!  

Mr Vara apparently keen to preserve some villages in aspic said: “People move into villages because they want to live in villages. They want a certain way of life away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities and to enjoy more peaceful surroundings.

The garden villages of Great Kyne could be enormous. They will be significantly bigger than all the local villages combined and will inevitably have negative impacts on Ailsworth, Castor, Upton and Sutton.

I appreciate that the Council has housing targets to meet but these developments (to my mind) will be completely out of keeping with the local area and will set a dangerous precedent for further development in the open countryside.

I will be working with local councillors, parish councils and residents to strongly oppose these plans.” E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Monday, October 17, 2016


More depressing crime statistics, depressing as some residents are leaving doors and windows open at night, as they are sound asleep! Laptops seem to be high on the agenda, and the villains are obviously started their Christmas Shopping early, possibly in your house!  

For other scams, tune into BBC1 at 09:15am weekdays for Rip-Off Britain. Previous editions on the BBCiPlayer  

CF0444691016 – 03/10/2016 - WHITSED STREET, PETERBOROUGH

Downstairs bathroom window had been completely removed and left propped up against the back wall. A number of ceramic items taken  from the windowsill from the bathroom and placed on the ground. A laptop computer has also been stolen along with USB sticks. Enquiries are ongoing , we think we may have identified a possible suspect for this offence.



Offender gained entry to property through a downstairs window and stolen a laptop computer, clothing and two bags from the address. This offence is possibly linked to WHITSED STREET incident.



Unknown offenders used a ladder to reach a UPVC window at the rear of the block of flats, the window was smashed and entry gained, unknown number of items taken. Two young males wearing 'hoodies' seen running away from scene, they have left a ladder behind....


CF0447211016 – 05/10/2016 - CATLEY, PASTON

Offender has entered the victims property and stolen a mobile phone from the victims handbag. Suspect has been arrested and charged with this offence.


CF0448461016 – 05/10/2016 - BATH RD, EYE

Unknown person have entered house via unknown means. Untidy search has been conducted in the downstairs rooms. The patio door, rear door and front door have been left open. The offender has then stolen an Iphone watch, cash, and car keys. Car also stolen and later recovered nearby.



Witness saw a male suspect jump out of the kitchen door window, which was had been smashed. The suspect then jumped over a fence, and made off - dropping a dark coloured sports bag in the bushes, subsequently located by the witness.

Police officers attended the crime scene and recovered a sock and sunglasses in the bushes behind the victims address.

The victim returned home and checked the house, but  nothing has been stolen, but a ransacking of the victims bedroom had taken place.


04/10/2016 – 05/10/2016 - MEDBOURNE GDNS, WELLAND

Unknown offender removed screws from a rear ground floor window and attempted to force open a rear UPVC door using a blunt object. Failed to gain entry.


 21/06/2016 - FULHAM RD, WEST TOWN

Offender entered house through a rear door, that was left unlocked. Offender has then gone into the kitchen and stolen cash, bank cards and driving licence from a handbag left on top of the fridge.

The offender has then left through the same door. The offence was committed at night whilst the occupants were asleep upstairs.

The suspect has been identified for this and has been recently charged with a series of dwelling burglaries.



Motor launch boat broken into (residential) whilst berthed alongside river by two unknown males, who were disturbed by owner but they managed to make away with electrical items.



During hours of darkness, whilst the victim was asleep. Male offender entered through an insecure rear patio door. TV removed from lounge. Electrical items removed from first floor. Offender disturbed.



Between stated times, unknown offender has entered hotel room by unknown means and cut open a money tin, stealing approximately £160 in coin.


We need help with:


·         Has anyone seen young lads carrying ladders in relation to Bader Close Burglary.

If so when, where? This could assist with CCTV enquiries.

·         Did anyone else witness the incident in Carron Drive, the suspect is believed to have run across the parkway towards the Chinese Restaurant?

Any witnesses please contact police.


Other matters of note:


·         Following a recent increase in dwelling burglary offences in across the city, particularly in the Stanground area a male from Werrington has been identified, arrested and admitted to 15 dwelling burglary offences across the city dating back to the end of August.

He has been remanded to prison and awaits sentence. It is likely that he will admit further offences and is keen to work with the police in order to do so....

·         Following a recent series of night time walk in burglary offences in the Millfield / Eastfield area of Peterborough a male suspect from that area has been identified, arrested and is currently on remand awaiting sentence. He again wants to work with the police to identify other offences he has committed.

Burglary Investigation Team – Thorpe Wood -  Peterborough
 E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Its going to be a cold heartless Peterborough City Council Christmas for some but not Peterborough Councillors as they trouser a £2,000 a head pay hike...

PBROTRIB NOT SO FESTIVE SKETCH, Its going to be a cold heartless Peterborough City Council Christmas for some....but Peterborough City Councillors last night voted themselves a brexit buffering £2,000 a head 'pay rise'!!!  Vote Conservative they're worth it?

Eee 'ave you 'erd about the Peterborough plan for homeless ?
Pay your rent on time for years and years, then Cinders OUT you GO to join 'em? Priceless.
Or how the Peterborough City Council saved a small fortune?
ALL: Start out with a HUGE one!!!!

Yes its that time of year again, the tiny 400 seat Key Theatre, Peterborough announces the line up for its ethnically balanced, environmentally friendly, frugally financed, pantomime. Oh No it isn't ( We'll not have childish behaviour on this blog...leave the mic alone).

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Anyone who meets the OFCOM minimum requirement as a 'fit and proper person' and hoping to set up and fund a Community Radio Station in Peterborough need to get their skates on. Applications for funding CLOSE on Wednesday 16th November 2016.

Monday, October 10, 2016

SUPPLY TEACHER AGENCY dishes out the lines to ITV THIS MORNING over the £1.26 billion spent on supply (temporary) treachers

Its taken a couple of days for the grandly titled Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) to respond to claims that schools are ‘at the mercy of agencies’ made during a special report on teacher recruitment by ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

ITV’s report focused on the simple fact that private recruitment firms charge what some school leaders believe are unreasonable fees which all have to be paid out of taxpayer public funding for sourcing candidates and highlighted the fact that a staggering £1.26 billion was spent on supply teachers in England in 2014/2015.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

European Court of Human Rights rejects paedophile’s claim that his trial was unfair

 writes: In 2012, Mr Shabir Ahmed stood trial for being a member of a paedophile gang operating in Bolton. He was convicted in relation to a variety of criminal offences (including conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children), and sentenced to 19 years in prison.

] Some of the authorities relied upon,  mirror activities, by other unconnected persons, in Peterborough.]





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