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Friday, September 23, 2016


PBROTRIB SKETCH: You really could not make this up department (self nominated too!) 

On the news that Peterborough City Council spent over a £1million renting Travel Lodge Motel rooms..... Spare a thought for poor Joanna Lumley as she presents another self congratulatory non-award to Peterborough City Council  'jolly boys' on the latest of an number of swish all expenses paid nights out, liberally funded by the strapped for cash PCC.

The PCC entered, and clearly unable to find an independent organisation to nominate it, then astonishingly self nominated (unlike all other entrants) and stumped up public funding for a 'jolly boys' night out at a swish hotel complete with gala dinner, lashings of booze, and a top cabaret, the award presented by Actress Joanna Lumley.

Quite astonishing when you read what the Judges were looking for.

Most of us would feel that we are living in a parallel universe, Just how deluded are these people?  

The judges will  look at:

 - the impact their work has had within the local community?
- what their customers and local community have to say about the council ??????
- what level of expertise the council has within its own teams ??
- what priority the council gives tackling fuel poverty within its current plans ??

The following have been nominated for concideration for this award:-
Flintshire Council nominated by Warm Wales
Enfield Council nominated by Ice Energy
Bracknell Forest Council nominated by Insta Group
Peterborough City Council nominated by Peterborough City Council
Runnymede Council nominated by Insulated Homes
Gosport Council nominated by Wall Coatings Ltd
Guildford Council nominated by Insulated Homes
East Hants/Havant Council nominated by Insulated Homes
Dundee City Council nominated by Turner FM


The winner of this award was:
Peterborough City Council AND nominated by: Peterborough City Council !
In 2nd place was Enfield Council
In 3rd place was Bracknell Forest Council

TRIBNOTE: A fraction of the public cost frittered away entering this non-event could have replaced the dead trees in Bourges Boulevard. Spot the trophy soon in the Town Hall lobby..
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


A right 'big banger,' seedsman firing off flashbangs on 'Drysides' Park Farm to deter the pigeons...

Worried Park Farm residents on hearing a series of deafening explosions at twenty minute intervals during the day (Wednesday September 21 2017)  have been hitting the telephones in a attempt to find out what is happening, and if they are under some form of concerted attack. 

No notice of the 'bangs' had been posted by the council, police or local councillor  (the conservative councillor who, when not busy blocking residents from his social media sites, seems to spend most of his time 'directing traffic' and wholly pre-occupied with cosying up to the newer Stanground South housing estate ( the estate previously known as Cardea, but the Council decided Stanground South didn't sound so elitist...)  Park Farm now part of the new Stanground South ward being 'kicked into the long grass' ... (see what we did there...?!)

The Peterborough Tribune suspected the commotion might be something closer to home and looking through the back issues, we find that we've been here before. Its the time for our resident farmer on the other side of the river, the land known as 'Dry Sides' to do a bit of seed sowing, and fair enough the mechanised seed driller was in action, with the operative stopping now and again, to fire off a 'flashbang' or 'maroon' to scare off the pigeons, stopping them eating the seed, as fast as he was distributing it.

Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarer: This is an agricultural product and It must be used in conjunction with the National Farmers' Union's (NFU's) Guidelines on the use of Auditory Bird Scarers.

A friendly wave  and a shouted conversation over the river, and our operative admitted he didn't expect the noise to be so loud, the bangs will however continue for a few weeks, as industrial gas guns are being set up later today to deter the pigeons over a much longer period. They won't be quite so intrusive, but the explosions will continue to be heard all over Park Farm.

Normally these agricultural devices are used on farms in the countryside, and not in fields immediately adjacent to high density residential estates. But consider had the Conservative led PCC had its way during the Cereste era, and a massive 24 hour, 7 days a week Freight Road/Rail transfer terminal and mega warehouse   constructed by a Dubai World subsidiary, on the same land, the noise would have been far, far more deafening and on a continuing basis than just a few loud bangs.....    E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Our totally unposed picture shows (L to R) Shailesh Vara MP with Richard Drain, Emma Wilson-Jones, David Hughes and Richard Roffe.

Local MP Shailesh Vara last visited Wittering, near Peterborough, to view the site of a proposed housing development which could bring an additional 190 homes to the village.

A full planning application for land to the south of Lawrence Road, Wittering, was recently submitted to the local planning authority, Peterborough City Council.

The proposal has been met with opposition from local residents,  who have formed an Action Group.

Numerous submissions have been made to the Council as part of its consultation on the application.

During his inspection visit the MP met with Mr Richard Roffe, Chairman of Wittering Parish Council, along with other local residents to discuss their concerns.

Shailesh Vara MP commented: “This proposal, in my view, is simply not suitable for Wittering. The application seeks permission to build some 190 homes without any regard to improving the village’s infrastructure. The additional homes would put substantial pressure on existing roads, drainage and water supplies to the detriment of the village’s residents. Local services such as doctors, dentists and the primary school do not appear to have been considered either.”


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Library Picture
Mounting unrest at the number of travellers caravans which seem to appear around Peterborough overnight, and the PCC repeatedly having to resort to legal measures to move them on- usually weeks later - has prompted, says the new Interim Assistant Director for Community Services, (none other than  retired Policeman Gary Goose - ED: Did anyone see the lucrative interim contract offered to Mr Goose advertised anywhere?), a search for new travellers’ sites to try and contain the problem in Peterborough.  

Councillors have finally been goaded into some action, and set up what they call a 'Task and Finish Group (TFG)' to review "Emergency Stopping Place (ESP) provision" 

Its not the first time, a cross-party working group ( the last one under another retired policeman Cllr John Fox) has spent resources hunting for possible ESPs, after a 24 month stint just three were approved in September 2014.

Read more at:

TRIBNOTE: The PPC has a substantial landbank available to it.  For example: The PCC could easily use the problematical 'White Elephant' Fletton Quays cleared site as a temporary travellers site.

The main issue seems to be the mess left by the travellers after they depart, although if council officers
 were doing their jobs, they already have sufficient anti-litter legislation, including on-the-spot fines to deal with the problem.

However, the situation changes, if the encampment is squatting on private land. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Friday, September 16, 2016

Where on earth can you source an orginal wedding dress and get your trousers shortened? In Cardea, South Stanground of course!

                                      stock picture

Its not often the Peterborough Tribune needs to find a professional dressmaker and indeed it was a fruitless search to find someone to make a few alterations and to shorten a pair of trousers.  Imagine our surprise to find that a whole variety of Professional Dressmaking and Alteration Services are to be found locally in Cardea!

In addition,  professional seamstress Iluta who hails from Lithuania, designs and makes stunning wedding dresses and classic suits for gentlemen. ....

She will even turn collars and cuffs, and run up a few curtains, and light upholstery such as fitted loose covers. Her professional workroom, comprehensive price lists, and some classic examples of her creations can be found at 

As a special offer to brides who buy a wedding dress Iluta will gift a free Bridal make up or hairstyle to make the day complete! Just mention the PBROTRIB but be quick as the offer may run out if oversubscribed ...

Contact her on 01733 857294
or mobile 078604 69870


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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Peterboroughs poor exam results bring out the Tories - all fighting each other. Meanwhile Shailesh Vara MP visits Glintons Arthur Mellows College

Shailesh Vara MP visiting Arthur Mellows Village College, Glinton, Peterborough, meeting with senior staff as well as having a discussion with pupils. The MP met with Chair of Governors, Mr Gilmour McLaren, and the Headteacher, Mr Mike Sandeman,

Peterborough exam results have set a new all time standard for being the lowest (35%) in the country, and the MP for this City 'non-stick Stewie' Conservative Stewart Jackson MP, is in the local newspaper astonishingly calling for the 'head' of the PCC Education Committee and Conservative Council Leader Holditch to be served up to him on a silver platter.

It is no secret that Cllr Holditch has long been using the appointment of school governors as a political tool "anyone that has applied to be a school governor and has Labour party membership will not be appointed a governor" This is taken from an address by Cllr Holditch, he gave to a meeting of school governors.     

If you think we are being unfair by dubbing Stewart Jackson - 'Non-stick Stewie' [hat tip to Teflon Tony] consider this: Instead of accepting that his lacklustre stewardship of his Peterborough parliamentary brief must attract a portion of the blame for the dire educational results in this City.  Mr Jackson continues to lash out and blame everyone except himself, the time he's spent 'tilting at windmills' and taking questionable overseas parliamentary trips; he could instead have been profitably employed chasing up and 'hammering' the educators to ensure Peterboroughs next multicultural generation ( most popular birth name in the City is Mohammed ) actually have a realistic chance of competing in years to come.

We cannot recall a single positive action or practical support, Mr Jackson has personally taken to improve the educational chances of the next generation.    

Meanwhile more positively his colleague and fellow Tory  Shailesh Vara MP was busy visiting Arthur Mellows Village College in Glinton, Peterborough, meeting with senior staff as well as having a discussion with pupils.

The MP met with Chair of Governors, Mr Gilmour McLaren, and the Headteacher, Mr Mike Sandeman, who both updated him on developments at the college.
Mr Vara had a discussion with pupils and enlarged on his role as a Member of Parliament and in Government with both the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Work and Pensions.

A wide range of topical questions were posed including some on the EU referendum, Student Loans and the development of Peterborough.
Shailesh Vara commented:  “I enjoyed my visit to the College and was particularly pleased to meet with its pupils as well as the senior leadership.
The College has worked very hard over the years to provide a consistent quality education and its Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’ is testament to this. As always there were some challenging questions from the pupils on a variety of issues.”

Mike Sandeman, Headteacher of Arthur Mellows Village College added: “It was a pleasure to see a sitting MP reach out to young people and engage with them on the topics of their choice. Mr Vara provided a template that many could learn from in terms of bringing young people into the political fold and involving them in the big issues of the day.” E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Brian Rix, 92, Actor and Disability Campaigner Dies

Lord Brian Rix, the actor and learning disability campaigner, has died aged 92.

Lord Rix, the Mencap President, who also served as the charity’s secretary general and chairman, had been ill for some time and received 24-hour nursing home care.

Only a few weeks earlier Brian Rix made an impassioned plea and called for a change in the law on assisted dying,  so as he put it, he could “be helped on my way" peacefully.

In a letter to the speaker of the House of Lords, Lady D’Souza, Lord Rix wrote:

“My position has changed. As a dying man, who has been dying now for several weeks, I am only too conscious that the laws of this country make it impossible for people like me to be helped on their way, even though the family is supportive of this position and everything that needs to be done has been dealt with."

The Mencap chief executive, Jan Tregelles, said: “Lord Rix was a beloved colleague and friend to so many people with a learning disability and their families. His passion, zeal and humour will be sorely missed. His tireless campaigning has perhaps done more to improve the lives of people with a learning disability than any other.

When Rix’s daughter Shelley was born in 1951 he and his wife Elspet were urged to put her away and forget about her, Tregellles added. “This started a quest lasting over 60 years to make the world a better place for all those with a learning disability.” E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Friday, August 19, 2016


Perhaps the Parliamentary Select Committee might like to add tv news report to their fact finding mission? SKY NEWS sticks an oar in....

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Friday, August 12, 2016


Railway workers on Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC) have voted to strike in a dispute over jobs, working conditions and safety, the RMT rail union said. Over 84 per cent of workers polled backed strike action.  The strike will take place over three days just before and after the late August bank holiday, however it will have run-on implications beyond these dates.

The union balloted members in July over possible job losses and safety protocols.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


The Charity Commission (CC) should demand more feedback from trustee boards at the largest charities to check how they are performing, and should rethink its guidance on paying trustees, according to a new paper on rebuilding trust in charities.  

It will also put an end to this sort of 'quasi sales pitch' seeking charitable contributions, taken word for word from a local Cambridgeshire website: 

 "In exchange for helping fund our operation, there are several titles available which a business or entrepeneur (SIC) (or perhaps entrepreneur?)  use in their own publicity and advertising. Here are just some of them, pitched at prices to suit every pocket, with all the benefits you can expect for making charitable contributions."






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