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Friday, March 30, 2018


Julian Bray Candidate for Stanground South Peterborough City Council Election May 3rd 2018.
ON THE STUMP Update: 17th April 2018 
Julian Bray writes: Why Believe in Better?  Simply 'Austerity' hasn't worked. PFI for Hospitals hasn't worked, waiting times in our A&E departments are the worst in living memory according to a new report issued on April 12th. Peterborough City Council Bunging high risk public funding - circa £19million... to an unproven Northern Ireland property developer hasn't worked, and then they came back for a second bite! Guess what? like pushing on an open door, the council cheque book was opened, and the debt mountain increased..
The dead trees (some replaced) in the rusting iron hulk known as Bourges Boulevard, is frankly embarrassing.  The lack of expert talent hired on mega salaries by the council executive hasn't worked, many have since moved on. 
Just how many contracts in recent years with external suppliers have been aborted, ended prematurely, or financially gone out of control?  
Our schools are educationally not up to scratch despite the protestations of some Governor/Councillors. Simply the education policy hasn't worked and good hardworking teachers don't want to work here either. You'd think the current Council leader a retired Head Teacher no less, would be up in arms, demanding improvements?  Simply its not working.
Drug dealers are active on most corners, dirty used needles are dropped and discarded on pavements ( to be specific Cromwell Road, and behind the shops in Stanground) but all our councillors seem to do is wage a vitriolic campaign against law abiding pet owners, graffiti spray painting footpaths with banal stencilled messages, even posting pictures on facebook!
Simply it hasn't worked. More poo bins and those we have to be emptied on a regular basis. All over Stanground South the current austerity trio have authorised maniacs with chain saws, well so it seems.
Established shrubs just emerging from a winter hibernation and hedges brutally cut back to a uniform height, so you can see more of the commercial vans and cars parked up on sinking over wet verges....
And the lack of children playing on the never-ending money pit known as HMP the 'Harper Memorial Playpark' in Park Farm. Oh yes, more banal warning notices targeted at pet owners. Its all on Facebook! How clueless is that?? 
Charters floating pub is the latest enterprise to be slowly choked to an eventual death, as the next door power company has now this month permanently restricted access by about 60 percent to available parking!  So to turn it all around we all must start believing in  better to get out of the ever descending spiral vortex of despond represented in the current line up for Stanground South!   
Its true we have many new residents in the enlarged Stanground South ward and they may not be aware of the multiple frustrations of living in this ward over the last decade. But certain as night follows day, unless us residents quickly unseat the complacent moribund austerity led cohort of councillors and do this by voting for significant change on May 3rd, the austerity dogma of the current Tory mantra will prevail.
Ask yourself when did the gang of three ever hold regular casework meetings? Councillor Surgeries? Fought to maintain our libraries? What library they well may say in the Cardea Neighbourhood..
Simply this election is exactly at the right time to send a big loud and effective message not only to Peterborough and the fat cats in the south of the county who under the new Regional Mayor ( the one with the wonky specs and the  3-day stubble...) seems to have ploughed and directed what money is available to the villages surrounding South Cambridgeshire! It will also send a huge message to those perma-wrapped in cotton wool in the Palace of Westminster.  
We have seen Stanground councillors gifting funds to other wards, strings of broken promises, and STILL in the background the prospect of a mega rail freight interchange terminal on our doorstep. 
Despite assurances there are some still working out ways to monetise this dreadful anti social idea.  We have seen corner shops, vets, pubs, cafes and clubs closing down, and now a planning proposal to put another childrens nursery into this ward on the site of the Fenman pub. 
But what is not appreciated is unless you regularly use the ratrun, the not fit for purpose potholed road network in that over worked area around the Fenman, is on weekdays nose to bumper during rush hours and even earlier.
Only a person with blinkered limited intelligence would think its a good idea, with toddlers being subjected to a high level of carbon monoxide from the idling traffic outside, the monthly burn from the nearby brickworks and emissions from the chip factory, the round the clock dispensing of petrol, food and drink directly opposite.
Now the planning committee is considering a proposal that will add some eighty parked cars stopping waiting and picking up children, but only allocating around 12 car park places!
This is the kind of nonsense we have put up with over and over again. An already clagged up ratrun and subjecting infants children at the nursery to a daily diet of poor quality carbon monoxide laden air.
But hey, don't expect the moribund gang of three councillors to do anything. Why change the habits of a comfortable lifetime?
Car theft is on the rise in South Stanground using software zappers to override ignition and locking systems electronically compromising vehicles with a relay box cloning car key devices.
But where is the neighbourhood policing, alas savage cuts again the Tory austerity programme isn't working... ask the doorstep canvassers why?  Clearly saddled with national party claptrap dogma, local candidates sponsored by political parties have little or no room to manoeuvre.
But where does that leave your candidate Julian Bray? simply I can say and do what I like in terms of voting, actively fighting policy directives and I am TOTALLY free to question everything that is not to our advantage in Stanground South, but the other candidates?  
Many are too frightened to speak up or have been mandated to sit on their hands. Have a good long look at the outgoing South Stanground Councillors track record...would you willingly vote back MORE AUSTERITY? More of the same.
Just how many hours/days did he personally enjoy property company ( and their retained agents ) hospitality and when is this likely to be properly recorded. Because I've not seen any records so far.  We'd all like carefree days at the races!  
The mechanics of this election are fairly simple, you should be on the Electoral Roll and have a voters number, cards are being sent out this week. Or you may have opted for a postal vote. Thus year is different, on no account allow anyone to fill it in and/ or sign for you. 
A major campaign to detect Election Fraud is underway. Tins of biscuits from a friendly person who over tea, then 'hoovers up' all of the voter packs and offers to deliver them on your behalf, may well compromise and invalidate your vote this year, so guard your confidential data well!
Finally there are a lot of doorsteps and houses to cover, delivering a very simple and clear Charter. Its first edition is reproduced on here, the core message remains the same, but the issues may change.
My team and I will wear brightly coloured rosettes to identify ourselves. If you have any issues you can also telephone or email me.
Individually your single vote may not seem to be very important, but that is so wrong, it really is vital, priceless even, as many local government seats are won or lost by the difference of a single figure, and that can lead to the fun of endless re-counts..
So be assured, I truly value your vote, and will work tirelessly to ensure your vote for me is well placed and we can together believe in better! Which of course is where we came in.
Julian Bray
Candidate for Stanground South 
Peterborough City Council
Thursday May 3rd 2018  

Current data from Press Association shows 4,513 seats at 150 councils in England will be vacant at the May 3rd elections although, owing to boundary changes (Peterborough, Stanground South is an excellent example) affecting the total number of seats at some authorities, the number of seats up is expected to be around 4,414.  
Simply if voters voted tactically it would be possibly to completely change the English political landscape, and that would have a DIRECT impact on the next General Election. But first you must vote on May 3rd!  Pass it on....


Be my guest! Feel free to copy and send the election manifesto pictures
 to your friends and associates.
To see in a larger format,
simply click on the picture!

Julian Bray Candidate South Stanground Peterborough City Council
Local Government Election May 3rd 2018 Editor Peterborough Tribune News Blog supporting Park Farm Neighbourhood Watch

UPDATE 4th April 2018

Local resident, for some 18 years, broadcaster Julian Bray is now officially confirmed by the Returning Officer as a valid candidate for the vacant Stanground South (Park Farm/Cardea) Peterborough City Council seat. The Local Government Election is to be held on Thursday May 3rd 2018.  

Julian is DELIBERATELY not affiliated to any political party, or pseudo faction, therefore not in any way bound by Westminster party dogma or policy set in London (Moscow for that matter !)  

Julian Bray writes:  I am now officially confirmed and the printers have worked around the clock to produce and deliver the first part of my detailed and evolving manifesto, now published on here.


With the meltdown in both Tory and Labour ranks, and the libDems 'out-to-lunch' policy, it became increasingly clear to me, and those I love and support, that residents of Stanground South and Park Farm are now really suffering and have little or no meaningful representation, and seemingly hard pressed this time around. Simply the time for sleeping at the wheel is over. There are major concerns that need to be rapidly addressed, The question you have to ask will the new councillor actively represent me or are they just slavish tyre kickers for political masters elsewhere? (Clue look at the older facebook feeds...)

Not one of the sorry self-serving trio of 'councillors' will vote against their Party (they simply abstain, which frankly helps no one). 

Let me run a few concerns by you and if you EVER meet an elusive candidate in the flesh (probably unlikely) as they tend to poke a leaflet through your door and run away before you can interrogate them.... Read this through, come back often as this post is regularly updated, then you already have some pithy questions to ask all the candidates on your very doorstep...ME TOO.

Peterborough Stanground South, is underneath a pile of FLOOD WARNINGS issued today April 3rd 2018. Approving the building of high density housing schemes on flood plains has dire consequences ... Stanground South (Cardea) residents might like to have a look at the newly constructed reed beds adjoining their property, the run off water levels are already, to my thinking (on April 3rd 2018) exceptionally high but hidden from view by the reeds, which have shot up in the last few weeks...... but still no comment from Stanground South Tory councillors..

National political party sponsored candidates are increasingly 'under the thumb' of both extreme left and right wing political factions. Westminster based political dogma and internal squabbles, take precedence over tackling important hyper-local issues in their own back yard. 

Seriously pressing local issues, such as greatly increasing homelessness - this is due to explode as the failed Universal Credit [UC] System is relentlessly rolled out nationally later this month (April 2018), and we will see vulnerable people increasingly lose their rented homes, as the UC payments are not being made quickly enough by the DWP [DSS].

Or marked down vulnerable claimants, unfairly sanctioned, as cynically crooked and made up falsified personal assessments, by discredited ASOS and Capita freelance assessors are seeing motability rented transports abruptly removed, and awards slashed. So much for the so called 'community chumpion' already trousering public funds with the DIAL forum, in a neighbouring ward, an empty hollow title, with no real meaning or merit, just misleading 'froth and spin'. All very sad.     

Stressed parents are now we learn being targeted by schools demanding parents now contribute cash and resources. WHY?

Other Academy schools being accused of channelling public funding away from education in order to pay out £150,000 salary packages for some teachers.

Stanground Tories remain totally silent on this. Why? 

Social disorder erupting, crime prevention lacking, violent knife and gang crime on the increase, illegal minimotos, a lack of local policing, as front line budgets cut, murderers and rapists left free to roam on unconditional police bail even! Why? The Stanground South Tories remain silent. Why?

Councillors unwilling to hold regular consultations or surgeries (as they are mandated to do) all these factors  relentlessly pushing other pressing local issues, now conveniently relegated to the bottom of the pile.

But seemingly, all the current crop of local Stanground South councillors worry about, is counting out their vastly increased self-awarded allowances, plus extra publicly funded 'dosh' for committee work and some now accessing political public sector salaries. Why?

Now seriously, the good people of Stanground South Ward. Why would a retired seemingly pensioned off Northern Ireland RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) officer - who we now hear from sources (but not from the Tory party) or his 'post and run' election handout - accept during his current short tenure as a councillor, a public service appointment, on an astonishingly generous publicly financed financial package - in what strongly looks like a major political appointment  - as deputy to the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner, based in Huntingdon at Police HQ?!  We urgently need some answers, and this is why...

A look at the Representation of the People Act would I respectfully suggest rule Mr Bisby out as a politically affiliated Tory prospective candidate?  What do you think, as Mr Bisby would have to sign and agree the following legal declaration?

For a nomination in England: I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief I am not disqualified for being elected by reason of any disqualification set out in, or decision made under, section 80 of the Local Government Act 1972, section 78A of the Local Government Act 2000 or section 34 of the Localism Act 2011 and I do not hold a politically restricted post, within the meaning of Part 1 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, under a local authority, within the meaning of that Part.
But that will be a matter for the Electoral Commission to decide, and if they so direct, then the Stanground South election might well have to be run all over again!  Just remember you read it here first....

Whist looking after the County, how on earth will PCC deputy Raymond Bisby ever find time for Stanground South Ward casework and additionally find time to concern himself constantly complaining about Stanground South dog owners and dogs?  

Even aerosol spraying graffiti warning slogans on pavements, or waving Speedwatch legally non-enforceable speed guns at Stanground South motorists, at the same time being politically appointed, 'work in co-operation' with the Police and SIA 'doormen' oh sorry 'the enforcement officers' hired through a Wales based commission earning security firm...Really!

Some councillors have even taken to adding to the accumulated graffiti and general mess, by randomly spray painting graffiti notices ( On the spot littering fines are from April 1st 2018, raised to £150...) on pavements or endless banal warning notices targeted at Stanground South dog owners on vandalised playgrounds.  Pet owners by now must be furious at this totally negative Tory campaign - its been going on for years, just look at Cllr Chris Harpers back posts over the years on social media, but do it quickly,  some have been known to drop off the twig...

Few children ever use the play park in Park Farm, as its unpoliced, seldom cleaned, no supervision or CCTV, and a regular home to winos, drug pushers, and discarded used needles..  When did you last see regular PSCO and home beat officer patrols?

Still it will now be easier for any passing patrol car, as the trees and vegetation has finally been cut right back - using chain saws no less! No gentle prune back here, and points up the sad fact, the playpark isn't properly maintained on a continuing basis. If it was, you'd not need to use heavy equipment such as chainsaws!

When will they ever learn?

Such dog owner caution notices, clearly targeted at dog owners, and set in permanent form, are in fact advertisements, and as such need formal planning permission, as the local councillor who chairs the planning committee, should by now understand!

Public funding increasingly channelled away from Stanground South (now including Park Farm) into garish ill thought out and poorly planned personal vanity and failing public realm projects. Expensively tarted up 'public realm' Bridge Street is now a rash of chain takeaways bars and formulaic restaurants. Won't be too long before the remaining classic London Plane Trees vanish to accommodate a few more expensive fairground rides.

*Cyclists being fined at premium rates, by so called 'enforcement officers' - working 'on commission' hired through a Wales based security outfit! How daft and brainless is that?

Meanwhile Sure Start centres axed, old folks homes vacated, but you may say we have a rapidly ageing population. So why?  Libraries reduced hours, fewer new books - budgets cut and some just closed. Stanground library being a shadow of its former self, and even the one functioning civic Key Theatre reduced by the money pit Vivacity outfit to running cinema films, or if any funding left funnelled into local councillors pet legacy projects. Ask yourself just where is this all going?

Even the BBC is to give up on Peterborough, set to vacate their Peterborough building later this year... The Queensgate Cinema now seems to have been put on hold. Millions poured into the 40 year old pipedream of a lower tier University. But why here, when all the continuing academic investment is already earmarked for nearby Cambridge?

Julian Bray already has a very clear and simple mandate to call out those councillors, who are putting themselves and their party business interests first. Even Comedian Jason Manford avoided Peterborough City Centre and performed at an out of town arena, it gave him an easy extra five minutes of stand-up material at our expense ... 

We seemingly elect party controlled councillors, who even lack basic keyboard skills, and have little or no business experience and unable to control and manage the wilder excesses of past and present council officers, some who have arguably wasted millions of public funding on hair-brained schemes, the dead trees and rusting iron plates along Bourges Boulevard are typical of poor planning and decision making. Why?

Long-term lucrative contracts - with media fanfares trumpeted by the generous publicly funded council public relations 'team' - handed out  like 'sweeties' then rapidly cancelled. These excesses all cost money and you end up paying much more in council tax. Ask yourself why?

Deadbeat committee members (admittedly not all, but a few years back called one out for what was a particularly shoddy piece of work) quick to trouser the self-awarded greatly enhanced allowances but slow to act. Many have been asleep at the wheel. Others who have become too self important - puffed up if you like  - to carry out even basic public duties, they know who they are... Why?

All these are factors I will now try and distil into an election leaflet, but don't expect me to knock on your door.  You and I already know what is wrong in our wards, we actually live here. I have been talking to you for the last ten years. You all have my direct telephone number and my regular email address.

It will not be resolved by the major political parties parachuting in candidates or rapidly replacing some who have clearly half a brain, the sad individuals allegedly behind the gross and vulgar anti-Semitic and Sectarial rants that are becoming all to strident. You might also enquire of the former RUC officer, the Tory candidate, why the RUC name was officially dropped in Northern Ireland, only to be revived in Stanground South locally by a Tory councillor?

Julian Bray seeking the truth...and then popping  (on Monday) down to Charters Easter Weekend Beer Festival, before a notice gets slapped or spray painted on that as well!

Believe in Better! Let the election 'stump' commence...   E&OE Julian Bray Editor Tel:+44 (0)1733 345581 .
Peterborough is one of eight areas in England to take part in a Voter Pilot scheme to help combat electoral fraud.
The city council chose to be part of the scheme, which has been launched by the Cabinet Office and will see the city bring in tougher measures to strengthen its postal and proxy voter process even further in the run up to the forthcoming elections on 3 May.

These include officers hand delivering postal voting packs and completing face to face surveys with postal voters to stress the importance of completing the vote themselves. A second round of face to face surveys will be completed after the postal vote returns, to check residents put an X in the box themselves. All face to face surveys will be completed at random computer generated addresses throughout the city over the coming weeks.

The proxy vote is also being strengthened, with all proxy voters required to produce photographic identification at polling stations, before being issued with a ballot paper to vote on another's behalf. Individuals without photographic ID will be able to source this from Peterborough Town Hall prior to the elections taking place.

The city chose to be part of the Voter Pilot scheme as it has a national reputation for its work in deterring electoral fraud at elections, which has been recognised by the Electoral Commission and other national bodies. Similar trials will be taking place in Tower Hamlets and Slough and ID verification of voters will take place in Bromley, Gosport, Swindon, Watford and Woking.

Peterborough City Council will be working closely with Cambridgeshire Constabulary throughout the scheme, which aims to reduce the risk of election fraud and ensure voters have confidence in the electoral system.

Gillian Beasley, chief executive for Peterborough City Council said: " We chose to be part of the Voter Pilot Scheme due to our previous work, together with the police, in combating electoral fraud.

"As well as being shown to be taking a tough stance on electoral fraud, our involvement in the scheme is a great opportunity to further strengthen both our postal and proxy voting processes to deter those who want to abuse them. we really wanted to be part of this scheme to strengthen practices

"Everyone in our city who is registered to vote has the right to make their vote count. Filling in a vote on another's behalf is a criminal offence and we will be taking a tough stance to ensure this does not occur in the city. Any corrupt practices that we discover will be treated extremely seriously by both ourselves and the police and action taken if offences come to light in the run up to the elections in May."

Minister for the Constitution, Chloe Smith MP, said: "I'm pleased Peterborough has volunteered to take part in a postal vote pilot at the local elections in May. By taking part in this trial, local residents are helping us test ways to safeguard against electoral fraud."

The voter pilot scheme is being run alongside a new campaign 'Your Vote is Yours Alone' to help prevent electoral fraud ahead of May’s local elections. It raises awareness of what constitutes unacceptable pressure to influence whether or how someone casts their vote. The campaign is being run by local authorities with the support of the Electoral Commission and Crimestoppers, the anonymous crime reporting charity.

The city council has set up an election fraud hotline and anyone who has any concerns can report them by calling (01733) 452277. If you believe an act of malpractice is ongoing call police on 101 or 999. For general enquiries about the elections call (01733) 452249.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


CF0151570318 - Old North Rd, Wansford.  Wed 21st March 1.30-5pm
Patio door forced at the property and jewellery stolen.  A white 4 x 4 vehicle was seen in the area and investigation continuing.

CF0154190318 - Severn Close, Gunthorpe.  Thur 22nd March 5.30-7.30pm
Rear window smashed and multiple items taken including a TV, cash and jewellery.

CF0155570318 - Ferndale Way, Dogsthorpe.  Thur 22nd March 8.30am - 4pm
This was an attempt burglary, and no entry was gained.

CF0153190318 - Beckingham, Orton Goldhay.  Wed 21st March 11.30am - 1.30pm
 A distraction burglary reported, where a male entered the garden offering to do some work; when the householder agreed, he then followed her into the house and took her purse.  Male described as white, approx. 5ft 10 with brown hair and wearing jeans and long sleeved top.

If you have information which could assist with the investigation of these incidents then please let police know on the 101 (premium line) (quote crime number) or free though the police website  Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or   E&OE Julian Bray Editor Tel:+44 (0)1733 345581 .

Ofcom announces the award of eight new community radio licences in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Ofcom has today announced the award of eight new community radio licences in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The new stations will serve communities in Bristol, Maldon, and Newcastle and Gateshead, in England; Belfast in Northern Ireland; as well as Cumbernauld, and Musselburgh, Tranent and Wallyford in Scotland.

There was no application in this round from any Peterborough based group.

Community radio services are provided on a not-for-profit basis, focusing on the delivery of specific social benefits to a particular area or community of interest.

More than 250 community radio stations are currently on air today.

The eight new community radio licences have been awarded to:
  • BE FM (BE FM Belfast Limited)
Contact name: Neil Curran
BE FM will be a cross-community and non-denominational Christian radio station for listeners in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • Cumbernauld FM (Cumbernauld FM Limited)
Contact name: Thomas Marshall
Cumbernauld FM will broadcast to communities in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire.
  • Juice (Juice Belfast Limited)
Contact name: Sarah McKinney
Juice will serve the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • Maldon Community Radio (St Peter’s Studio and Community Radio Limited)

Contact name: Nick Skeens
Maldon Community Radio will now cover a larger part of the Maldon District area in Essex. (It already broadcasts a community radio service across a smaller area. It will need to surrender that licence should it take up this licence offer.).

  • Pride FM Tyneside (Pride Community Network Limited)

Contact name: Peter Darrant
Pride FM Tyneside will be a radio station for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Newcastle and Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.
  • Radio Saltire (Radio Saltire (SCIO)

Contact name: David Martin
Radio Saltire will be a community radio station for the people of Tranent, Wallyford and Musselburgh, East Lothian.
  • Radio Tyneside (Radio Tyneside)

Contact: Dave Nicholson
Radio Tyneside will promote good health and wellbeing to the over 50s in Newcastle and Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

  • SWU.FM (SWU.FM Limited)

Contact: Oliver Watton
SWU.FM will broadcast urban, electronic and dance music to young people in Bristol.

The licences are awarded for a five-year period. See a statement setting out the main determining factors for the award of the licences (PDF, 174.8 KB). E&OE Julian Bray Editor Tel:+44 (0)1733 345581 .

Monday, March 26, 2018

STANDING DOWN FOR PETERBOROUGH? Cllr Irene Walsh drops her large white handbag, and is not to stand for council in May!

UPDATE 4th April 2018

Local resident and broadcaster Julian Bray is today confirmed by the Returning Officer as a valid candidate for the vacant Stanground South (Park Farm/Cardea) Peterborough City Council seat. The Local Government Election is to be held on Thursday May 3rd 2018.  

Lampoon Corner

The usual PBROTRIB prize**** for the correct answer to what is clearly missing (airbrushed) from the then plain Mr Harpers poster, which controversial Labour politician embroiled in the 'weapons of mass destruction' saga - signed his certificate, and just where did the cash go?

Julian Brays PBROTRIBs' Just Fancy That:

We were staggered to find that Cllr Christoper Harper (Con, South Stanground) is astonishingly now claiming virtually sole credit for the denied planning consent decision for the Cardea chicken industrial slaughterhouse Click on this link for the detail. NOT SO! Nothing new Cllr Harper has a grossly inflated idea of his influence. It was we suggest, the three thousand plus signatures signing objections by the PETA membership that really swung it, plus the Peterborough Tribune media campaign and our direct application to the planning committee that materially assisted.  Cllr Harper however managed to put a USELESS dead link on his publicity. Click on our link for the detail. Hopefully Cllr Harper will be urgently correcting the May Local Government Election publicity currently being distributed to on behalf of a tory candidate touting the same old same old agenda...  

Peterborough City Cllr Irene Walsh, affectionately dubbed 'Cllr Walshywhip' has in effect handed in her notice to the Conservatives, and is sadly we hear not to be a candidate in the May Local Authority Elections in a few weeks time, and cut down on our lampooning opportunities...

STOP PRESS Glory be! We hear Cllr Walsh has popped up in an obscure ward with a high ratio of toffs, so all is not lost lampooning opportunities may be given a whole new lease of life but might be a good time to ditch the white handbag and re-photoshop the already photoshopped picture! 
It is a pity as the #PboroTrib had prepared - as you would expect - admittedly a somewhat withering retrospective of her work, and how much in real terms she has cost the long suffering residents of South Peterborough, if only we could have found a financial silo deep enough ...

But not one to dwell on matters, she will move on, probably to collect a gong for her public service and hopefully someone with dynamic vision will run in her place.

However I do hear that feisty well respected architect Peter Slinger is running as an Independent in May, and is in our view worthy of your vote.

Unlike some of the current South Stanground coterie of 'councillors' up for election, Mr Slinger next door in Fletton, has a glowing professional background, a lifetime of commercial experience, a contacts book to die for... and to cap it all actually knows what he is talking about.

Sadly we cannot say that about Cllr Harper the current chair of Planning and his ex RUC Unionist chum who seemingly have between them lost control of  Public Order on the Cardea estate (now brutally renamed South Stanground) we've had several conversations with worried residents, and seen the increasing number of earthworks and sandbags to keep travellers caravans off the grassed areas.  But failing to stop hotrodding wheelies around the main roundabout and minimotos too.. 

Ideally we would hope that Stanground South Cllr Chris Harper affectionately dubbed Cllr Turnip - after he (rashly in our view) spent an eye-watering amount of public funds a few years back on raised flower beds for the school, literally a street away from his own house, and seems from his social media scribbles has a continuing issue with dogs and we presume dog owners, as a cautionary notice has gone up on ***HMP Park Farm... warning them and their owners off...

Oh yes Cllr Harper is a School Governor too, its a wish to far, that he would follow the Irene Walsh example and honourably withdraw, but highly unlikely.

An undisclosed amount of public money has been poured into ***HMP Park Farm at the behest of Cllr Harper.

Expensive Industrial scale custom metal vandal resistant equipment replacing earlier kit following an arson attack, drug finds and bouts of late night summer drinking not to mention the spate of minimotos  and motorbikes up and down the Green Wheel cycle path.

***HMP? Our affectionate  tag for the Harper Memorial Playground again just a street away from the councillors residence.

We were staggered to find that Cllr Christoper Harper (Con, South Stanground) is astonishingly now claiming virtually sole credit for the denied planning consent decision for the Cardea chicken industrial slaughterhouse. NOT SO! Nothing new Cllr Harper has a grossly inflated idea of his influence. It was the three thousand signatures signing objections by the PETA membership that really swung it, plus the Peterborough Tribune media campaign and our direct application to the planning committee that materially assisted.  Cllr Harper however managed to put a dead link on his publicity. Click on this link for the detail.

Simply the Tories are in a mess.

How can it be that the Conservatives controlled Peterborough City Council is spending a huge amount of public money on a Citywide lamppost mounted poster campaign never to be seen by Mrs May and the Parliamentary Party in Westminster?
A campaign bemoaning the fact that the Westminster Tories have cut funding to this and other Cities? Obviously 
 did not slash the funds enough as unlike the rest of the population and the public sector. Peterborough councillors awarded themselves a massive pay rise err sorry we should say allowances... 
But for the Conservatives banking on the **Fletton Towers monstrosity to get them though a shedload of bad news is trundling through the courts. Anyone minded in buying or leasing an apartment in the new high density blockhouse might like to take on board the excellent post from Barely Legal 
All tenants of the new development will be liable for service charges and as the blog points out it might not just be 'an arm and a leg' but possibly swallow up your entire family in debt as well.

Simply before you part with a penny ensure your solicitor reads this blog and that you are fully aware of the possibly upwards only service charges the managing agents will be extracting from you for the duration of your lease and then consider the resale value while the current Grenfell Inquiry continues to alarm the property developing community, any residual sales value you may be banking on will be deeply discounted. In other words any fast build system built structure such as **Fletton Towers, may generate quite eye-watering service charges for unsuspecting tenants and leaseholders 

**Fletton Towers? Last time we looked at the site, no Quays in evidence but Towers all around...
***Usual Prize?: Price of a pint at The Brewery Tap or a glass of chilled Prosecco E&OE Julian Bray Editor Tel:+44 (0)1733 345581 .

Ofcom has published a Call for Evidence as part of its review of the guidance provided to public service broadcasters to help ensure they meet their regional production quotas


Ofcom has published a Call for Evidence as part of its review of the guidance provided to public service broadcasters to help ensure they meet their regional production and programming obligations consistently.  To help support and strengthen the creative economies in the nations and regions, Ofcom requires the BBC, Channel 3 services, Channel 4 and Channel 5 to  meet expenditure and programme hours quotas for productions made outside of the M25, for UK-wide broadcast.

BBC One and Two, and Channel 3 services must also meet quotas to provide regional programmes that are of particular interest to people living in the area where the service is broadcast.  Ofcom guidance explicitly defines the criteria that a production or programme must meet for it to be categorised as ‘regional’ and for it to count towards the quotas.

This call for evidence represents the first stage of an Ofcom review. Building on the stakeholder engagement sessions held last autumn, Ofcom is seeking data and further information from broadcasters, production companies and other interested parties on the health of the production sector in the nations and regions, and how effectively the current guidance supports the delivery of regional productions and programming in practice. Responses must be submitted by 10 May 2018. 

These views will help inform a formal consultation, planned for later this year, on any changes Ofcom may propose to regional production and programming guidance.

Saturday, March 24, 2018


The Peterborough organisation charged with bringing in new business to the City, following the sudden and so far unexplained departure of Mr Harrison, is under the exceptionally well remunerated PCC Corporate Director Simon Machem - it is he of the Bourges Boulevard dead trees (replacements not doing too well either)  and never ending roadworks saga - but he appears to have lost out again, in fact he never even fully responded to an earlier request to bring parts of London-based Channel4TV headquarters staff to Peterborough. Still we lead Dagenham in the number of Pizza outlets and formulaic near identical High Street 'restaurant' chains!
This latest lapse by the Conservative controlled council, many Conservatives - a few hardworking but the rest seemingly along for the generous allowances, they know who they are -  will be offering themselves up for re-election as Councillors this May.
On the basis that Mr Machem as a council director acts on policy from the ruling political party, this must act as a wake up call. Clearly there are substantial new inward bound multi-million pound investment packages to be had, investment in terms of hard cash that creates substantial new jobs and positively raises the profile making this City an attractive proposition rather than the current conservative  negative campaign posted on lampposts bemoaning the fact that a Conservative Westminster Government has cut funding to this City.
We don't for example see Barking & Dagenham Council sitting on their hands. They actively went out and searched for investment and clearly if run down Dagenham can do it, Why cannot Peterborough on the East Coast Main Line do the same? If anyone has attempted to get to Dagenham by road or rail, it is a nightmare, but they still have pulled this one off!

We are obliged to : Peterborians read and weep:
Major film and TV studios and entertainment complex confirmed for East London

Pacifica Ventures-MCC won the contract after Barking and Dagenham Council invited expressions of interest to build a bespoke complex near the Londoneast-UK business park towards the end of last year. The council’s urban regeneration company, Be First, was charged with finding suitable partners. Pinewood was thought to be one of the early front runners after it put forward a bid.
Pat Hayes, managing director of Be First, said: “I would like to thank all the bidders for the excellent quality of their submissions. Our team rigorously assessed each, but a clear winner emerged. Subject to detailed negotiations and exchange of contracts with Pacifica Ventures-MCC, we expect construction of the media and TV complex to get underway in 2019.”

Screen shot 2018 03 23 at 11.05.33

The proposed Dagenham film and TV studios have been given the green light, with £100m set aside to create a studios and entertainment complex covering 22-acres, including 12 sound stages, a major events centre, VR and 3D attractions and retail and dining outlets.
It will be built and operated by US-based Pacifica Ventures in partnership with Media Content Capital (MCC). Pacifica Ventures has previously designed, developed and built large-scale film studios including the Albuquerque Studios in New Mexico and the Sun Center Studios outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has consulted on studio projects around the world.
Media Content Capital (MCC) is a private equity investment fund focussed on investments into media, internet and entertainment companies.
“The complex will be an exciting new visitor destination that will create thousands of quality jobs and educational opportunities in a huge range of disciplines.”
Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council, Darren Rodwell
The 12 state-of-the-art sound stages will cover 264,000 sq ft, and there will be workshops and warehouses for lighting and grip operations, and a minimum of 95,000 sq ft of production office space.
On top of this, Pacifica Ventures-MCC’s plans feature an extensive post-production, visual effects and media technology complex, specially rigged stages for job training programmes with local educational institutions, a multi-format large-screen theatre auditorium, a major event centre and large screen auditorium including VR and immersive 3D attractions with studio tours, and retail and dining outlets.
Darren Rodwell, the Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council, said: “The complex will be an exciting new visitor destination that will create thousands of quality jobs and educational opportunities in a huge range of disciplines. I’m confident it will make Barking and Dagenham more famous for films than Fords.”
“This development will bring big Hollywood blockbusters to Barking and Dagenham.”
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “This development will bring hundreds of new jobs to the area – from carpenters to camera crew - and will bring big Hollywood blockbusters to Barking and Dagenham.”
Screen shot 2018 03 23 at 11.06.23
Pacifica Ventures-MCC won the contract after Barking and Dagenham Council invited expressions of interest to build a bespoke complex near the Londoneast-UK business park towards the end of last year.

The council’s urban regeneration company, Be First, was charged with finding suitable partners. Pinewood was thought to be one of the early front runners after it put forward a bid.
Pat Hayes, managing director of Be First, said: “I would like to thank all the bidders for the excellent quality of their submissions. Our team rigorously assessed each, but a clear winner emerged. Subject to detailed negotiations and exchange of contracts with Pacifica Ventures-MCC, we expect construction of the media and TV complex to get underway in 2019.”
Rodwell added: “Pacifica Ventures-MCC emerged as the clear winner based on their track record and commitment to making the film and television studios a cultural and community asset for the borough, for London and for Britain’s film industry.”
Adrian Wootton OBE, chief executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, said: “We’re looking forward to working with both Pacifica Ventures-MCC and Be First to promote the new facilities, bring major titles to east London and, ultimately, champion the capital as the best city in the world to make big-budget film and TV.”
The £100m Dagenham Film Studio Complex
• 12 state-of-the-art sound stages covering 264,000 sq ft
• Workshops and warehouses for lighting and grip operations
• A minimum of 95,000 sq ft of production office space.
• Extensive post-production and visual effects facilities
• Specially rigged stages for job training programmes with local educational institutions
• A multi-format large-screen theatre auditorium
• A major event centre
• VR and immersive 3D attractions
• Studio tours
• Retail and dining outlets E&OE Julian Bray Editor Tel:+44 (0)1733 345581 .

Wednesday, March 21, 2018




Since writing the original story, some disturbing but important developments have been uncovered. Julian Bray for the PBROTRIB, armed with a clutch of letters sent out by the Partnership, knocked on the closed and locked door of the Stanground Dental Clinic on Wednesday afternoon.

We have agreed to protect the identity of the person who reluctantly agreed to talk to us, as clearly the individual afraid of repercussions and was visually shaking during our interview. The stark fact is The My Dentist Stanground clinic cannot find dentists willing to work in Stanground. Simply few dentists want to work at Stanground, as the unnamed employee  explained:

"The majority of the patients we see here are so rude to the staff, only a few are polite and reasonable. I feel very sorry for those patients, as they, through no fault of their own are left without a professional NHS dental service.

"We have covered the glass door panel with paper, as we have had a few people banging on the door and shouting. They are clearly very angry, and for this reason we cannot get dentists to work here on a regular basis.

"I don't know why these people are angry but that is the situation. It will quickly get much worse, as several new very high density housing developments in South Stanground and Park Farm are opening, but these new residents, sadly won't find NHS dentists willing to work in this area.

"I'm not certain if we will remain here, or if I will continue to have a job in a few weeks. So if you know any dentists willing to work in Stanground, then please ask them to get in touch and quickly.

"We didn't send out the letters, it was the partnership in Manchester who own this and several other dental clinics in Peterborough. They simply cannot get dentists to work here and for that reason we cannot honour the appointments made.

"I cannot comment on the continuing fees paid to the partnership by the NHS on behalf of NHS patients registered at this clinic, but clearly as the letter suggests, patients are being steered towards registering at our other clinics, or face being put on a waiting list for an appointment at some distant future date, I am dreadfully sorry but as you can see there is nothing I can do. The community has to deal with this cultural issue, clearly this has not been a happy place for dentists and staff alike. All very sad as a great deal of investment was made by the owners when they took on this clinic."

Our original story:

Before you cast your vote for the local authority elections in May and return the existing moribund coterie of Stanground conservative councillors 'jobs and allowances for life' brigade, you might like to seriously look more carefully at the Conservatives somewhat shabby self-serving record for South Stanground, Cardea, Park Farm and Fletton. 

New high density housing estates springing up and the long established NHS Dental patients at the Stanground Dental Clinic, Peterborough Road, Stanground, having their appointments repeatedly cancelled,  some patients being shown the door and told register elsewhere; helpfully included in the cancellation letter is a list of practices 'of those who are taking on patients' 

The letter just states 'due to the current circumstances,' but fails to expand on this. However the NHS revenues continue to be banked by the Manchester partnership we can assume? 

The noise from the existing South Stanground councillors has been deafening! Not a whimper, although one of the bunch a former loft installer ( but for some reason, this is  missing from his official CV) and electrician is amazingly the current chair of planning!

Consider the sorry state of this Stanground Dental Clinic, now owned by the Manchester based partnership of two partners namely Stephen Williams and Clifford Davies trading as 1A Group Dental Practice Partnership, they also control dental practices in St Ives- two in fact, Huntingdon, Millfield, Peterborough, two in Lincoln Road, JK Dental in Werrington (children only)  

They are currently sending out 1,000's of undated letters REF:CO1A  and a second version Ref: CO3A telling long established dental patients that their mainly NHS dental appointments are again deferred or cancelled.

Regular readers of this blog will cast their minds back to a time (November 2011) a few years ago when we fought tooth and nail to keep the dental clinic as the next door co-op funeral parlour, and the Stanground Surgery both had eyes on the building and car park to facilitate their expansion plans. It was a long, loud and sometimes bloody fight, we suddenly had conservative councillors actually stung in to doing something. Clearly it didn't last that long and the Stanground Dentist was sold on.

Bear in mind that although dental appointments are being cancelled the Manchester based partnership still reaps considerable revenues from your NHS. Clearly if they can offload their NHS patients, then more private dental work can be taken on with the enhanced profits being remitted back to the Manchester based partnership.  Cushty! E&OE Julian Bray Editor Tel:+44 (0)1733 345581 .




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